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New Leaf Media

Branding & Identity

New Leaf Media is a Muskoka-based multi-media company helping small businesses create strategies and content for their online presence.


Owner Brittany wanted to elevate her brand to help grow her business. The current branding isn't bold or professional enough to reflect the now strongly established services.

Starting Point

The existing logo:

New Leaf logo.png

Research & Development

Keywords to describe New Leaf's photography, videography, and marketing services are:

Custom         Local         Multi-media         Storytelling         Creative powerhouse

I learned that New Leaf's clients are mostly local small businesses that live and work an outdoorsy lifestyle. The term "Communications" no longer fit her services, so "Media" would replace it moving forward.

Demographics & Mood Board

40 - 60





Down to


Monstera leaves

Colour Palette

Colour palette and fonts_New Leaf Media


Redesign the logo while keeping the leaf motif that resonates well with Brittany's clients and style.

  • Capsule-shaped

  • Custom Monstera deliciosa leaf illustration, including its iconic Swiss cheese holes

  • 4-colour design plus two single-colour variations

  • Versatile for social media, swag, etc.

New Leaf Media Logo
New Leaf Media Logo_2022 copper.png
New Leaf Media Logo_2022 green.png

Stationery & Swag

New Leaf Media business card design


After implementing the new branding on New Leaf Media's main marketing channels, engagement on Google Ads and LinkedIn grew by 145% and continues to hold steady.


New Leaf Media uses their new, professional, and eye-catching online presence to showcase their work, engage with the community, and advertise with confidence.

“Samantha’s attention to detail and desire for perfection is so appreciated.”
 - Brittany Clark

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