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The Great Toronto Food Revival

Pitch Deck Design

The Mind Refinery is a video production company with an idea to pitch a campaign to promote Toronto's post-pandemic restaurant industry revival using branded content.


1 in 10 restaurants in Canada were closed by the end of March, 2020 alone. Recovery will require time, patience, and content that calls on consumers to support one of the hardest hit industries during the pandemic.

Copywriting & Development

I worked closely with the copywriter to ensure a hierarchy of information was set from the beginning to include page titles, subtitles, and body copy. Concise copy ensures the pitch deck acts as a teaser to encourage further discussion with potential partners.

Photography was chosen with the following criteria in mind:

  • Real people in the Toronto culinary scene

  • Cultural diversity

  • Creative, productive, and happy vibes

  • Colourful settings and food


A 10-page pitch deck was designed with large photos and a colour palette that conveys something unique and special is [still] happening in Toronto. Captioning photos with chef and restaurant names engage the reader to find out more and become emotionally invested in their stories.

Scroll through the slides below:


The Mind Refinery team continues to share this pitch with media companies in Southern Ontario in the hopes of getting funding for this campaign. If you or someone you know is interested, email Kyle.

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