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Samantha Bodanis graphic designer Toronto
I've lived in Toronto
since 2013.
Visited the Galapagos Islands in 2014...
Samantha Clark Myanmar
Samantha Clark Myanmar_edited.jpg

I've travelled to


Myanmar in 2016...
Mandy and Franklin.jpg
Samantha Clark Galapagos
Samantha Clark India
And India in 2017!
Samantha Clark India
Samantha Clark India

I've travelled to

the deserts, palaces, and  other highlights of Northern India

I have two cats, Mandy and Franklin
Running Toronto Zoo 10K 2019_Samantha Clark.jpg
I ran my 4th 10K at the Toronto Zoo in 2019
Watercolour pumpkins.JPG
Watercolour painting is one of my creative hobbies
Kyle Bodanis and Samantha Clark wedding day
And I married a talented filmmaker named Kyle in 2021!
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