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Eh Em Why Designs

Package Design

"Thank You Tags" are used for attaching to gifted baby clothing items so the parent remembers to snap and share a photo of baby wearing the outfit when it's used or worn. It's a handy, fun way to delight the person who gifted the baby item to you.


My client, Amy had a small paper-based product called "Thank You Tags", but needed packaging that looked attractive on the front and had instructions on the back.


Thank You Tags.jpg

Demographics & Mood Board

After researching Etsy sales stats, we learned the target demographic was women 30-60 years. I curated a mood board with our agreed upon tone:

Happy     Trendy     Cheeky     Gender neutral     Colourful

Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 10.20.31 PM.png

Colour Palette and Font

Colour palette-01.png

Package Design


  • Client's existing logo

  • Research showed that the more colours, the more you’ll appear in Etsy search results

  • Packaging “too cute to toss”

  • Show the product in use, but not literally

  • 10 tags included with each order


Design a 5" x 5" card and tie 10 tags to it. Perfectly placed dots on the front and back allowed Amy to use a hole punch to then attach her product to. Once attached, the product was shown placed where one would place it on a real onesie. A small logo was added to the front for brand recognition as it lives on as a decor accent.

  • Perfect sized for economy shipping

  • Fits inside cellophane bags found on Uline

  • Product placement is shown on onesie

  • Hole punch is marked on both sides for tying on the tags

  • Written instructions tell the recipient how to use it

  • Icons tell the recipient where to find out more

  • White onesie allows the tag design to pop

Thank you tags final-01.png


Thank you tags final-02.png


Printed with Product
Attached and Inside Bag

Thank you tags eh em why designs Amy Clark Samantha Bodanis


Eh Em Why's Etsy shop gained 90 new sales in the first month of having the "Thank You Tags" for sale, 59 of which were purchases of the tags. The shop also gained 14 new "admirers" after the product was released.

Client Testimonial


OMG I just loveeee it!!!

Ahhhh I’m like so happy!!! You have no idea!


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